World Class Thinking

Don Sull and Phil Jones

October 2nd 2014

Grasping the Nettle

On Thursday 2nd October 2014, Don Sull, the author of five award-winning books, ten best-selling Harvard Business Review articles, and over 100 case studies, articles, and book chapters will share his thinking on corporate agility and strategy execution. The Economist named him “a rising star in a new generation of management gurus”, and identified his theory of active inertia as an idea that shaped business management over the past century. Fortune listed him among the top ten new management gurus.

In a session packed full of thought-provoking insights, Don’s ideas on active inertia - how companies often respond to even the most disruptive changes by accelerating activities that worked in the past - challenges leaders to take a new approach. By understanding this insidious dynamic, managers can break out of a rut and adapt to changing market conditions.

Don will explain how managers can close the gap between strategy and execution by viewing their organisation not as a hierarchy of power or bundle of processes, but as a network of commitments to get things done. By managing commitments up and down the chain of command, across units, and outside the firm, managers can execute flawlessly.

Before Don takes to the stage, Phil Jones will have the spotlight on him as he articulates his passion for people and the unlimited potential within them. As the Managing Director of a major UK technology company, Phil’s own career progression reflects an extraordinary rise to the top and in itself is fitting testimony to the concept of unlimited potential. A brilliant communicator, Phil implores us to devote our lives to action – it’s no surprise that successful people simply action more frequently than most. In a fast-paced delivery Phil explores what stops us prioritising and implementing actions, and provides us with ready-to-use practical ideas that we can put in to practice in our professional and personal lives from day one.


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