World Class Thinking

Dan Cable and Nikki Owen

March 23rd 2017

The Psychology of Change and High Performance

Why do so many personal and organisational change attempts fizzle out?  In a full day of unconventional new ideas, two of the country’s most sought-after management speakers will discuss the difference between “knowing” change and “doing” change, and how high performance cultures are driven by leaders who reconnect with their innate charisma to increase impact and influence.

In a session full of inspirational learning, Dan Cable, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School will share his extraordinary thinking on how the implementation of “strange” workforce systems makes employees act in noticeably better ways. And we will learn about the “Rider” and “Elephant” parts of the brain, and the need to balance the cognitive and emotional elements to achieve sustainable change.

Dan explains why purpose is so critical in inspiring employee commitment, particularly during times of change.  We will discuss how leaders can help people find purpose in their work activities, and discover the motivating power of purpose.  We can repurpose our own work and duties, so that work is more engaging and starts to feel more like ‘real life’. His presentation will be underpinned by world-class research and more than fifty articles published in leading management journals including Harvard Business Review.

Sharing the platform with Dan is Nikki Owen, whose unique and ground-breaking ideas on building engagement and high performance will challenge, inspire and motivate a transformational approach to the way a leader perceives their role within the organisation. For example: how important is charisma to achieving corporate success and what does it really mean to organisational growth? Research by Harvard Business Review and the University of Lausanne concluded that charismatic leaders build stronger working relationships, inspire engagement and on average, improve their performance effectiveness scores by 60%.

Using insights from cellular biology, Nikki demonstrates how to remove silos and build a collaborative culture. She highlights the relationship between heightened emotional intelligence and workforce engagement, the impact of energy and intention on workforce well-being, and how employees are energised for peak performance and productivity.


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