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Richard Mullender and Professor Norman Drummond

September 19th 2017

Influence, Negotiation and What Really Matters

In the company of Richard Mullender and Norman Drummond, this conference promises to transform our attitudes to listening, learning and what really matters. 

After leading an extraordinary life as a hostage negotiator, Richard Mullender now shares the lessons he learned in life and death situations, teaching leaders and senior executives how to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and INFLUENCE.

Richard's sessions will cover:

  • the five big communication myths
  • how to identify someone's values, beliefs and motivators; 
  • how to challenge behaviour; 
  • the power of giving your word; 
  • how to prepare and plan like a hostage negotiator 
  • and how to use language to influence, persuade and win.

You'll discover how to get people to open up, know precisely what to listen for, and interpret the intelligence you've gained.

Norman Drummond reminds us that to create great organisations you need great individuals; people who are successful yet who want more than just material success. People who believe in the possible and who have vision - who put people before projects and who still complete their projects successfully. Such people have high standards of behaviour: they are kind without being soft and firm without being cruel. They are not afraid to make mistakes and to own up to them, and are consistently able to inspire and encourage others. Above all, they stand out for their humanity and for their ability to use their heads while not forgetting their hearts. 

Norman teaches us that every one of us has the ability to be such a person.  He introduces us to the invaluable principles and practices which can redefine our lives, and bring meaning and purpose to our work. Why is it so difficult to combine ambition with satisfaction, to achieve our goals without losing a realistic awareness of our limitations? Norman draws together a coherent response to these tough questions. And we'll learn about the three core values that must underpin everything if we are to truly make a difference.

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