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Mark Stevenson and Alan Watkins

December 6th 2017

Re-imagining our Future - it starts with YOU

Please join us at London's Royal Garden Hotel on Wednesday 6th December 2017 for "Re-imagining our Future - it starts with YOU". It features two remarkable speakers in the form of Mark Stevenson, one of the country's most exciting new talents to emerge in the field of future trends and innovation, and Dr Alan Watkins, the acclaimed global authority on human performance and the wicked problems facing society.

Mark Stevenson provides a timely reminder of the power of grassroots innovation to create solutions to some of the world’s big challenges. His talks are alive with the personalities of those engaged with ‘rebooting’ our world. Have a look at what Chris Anderson, the owner of TED, thought about Mark's message:

"Blind optimism is the last thing the world needs – a recipe for disappointment. But what about optimism based on careful reasoning? Or digging below the surface for the ideas and the trends that really do add up to something promising?  That’s what’s on offer here. Stevenson wears no blindfold. His tools are curiosity, open-mindedness, clarity and reason.  That makes his journey intriguing… and ultimately exhilarating.”

Dr Alan Watkins' book and message about "4D Leadership" isn't just a software patch for leadership skills: this is an upgrade to the next level of the human operating system. He reflects on the overwhelming pace of change and how many people feel they are “in over their heads” struggling to keep up let alone flourish. More importantly, he explores what all this means for us personally. He suggests what we may need to upgrade ourselves to a new level for a better future. He shares how we can re-architect our own consciousness, change our relationship to each other and create a much more fulfilling reality. So if you are wondering what else you can do, be and become -  this could change your life.  

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