World Class Thinking

Amy Brann and Dr Karen Moloney

March 15th 2018

Emotional Capital, Neuroplasticity and the Future of Work

Please join us in London's Royal Garden Hotel on Thursday 15th March 2018 for "Emotional Capital, Neuroplasticity and the Future of Work". This world-class day of learning features two revered thinkers: Amy Brann, the renowned neuroscientist, and Karen Moloney, one of the country's most inspiring business psychologists.

In a conference that will inform, challenge and provoke in equal measure, the topics will include:

  • the building blocks of behaviour change;
  • the alignment between 'people strategy' and 'business strategy';
  • creating happy people in successful organisations;
  • building emotional capital, and;
  • culture change and the future of work.

You'll be immersed in the thinking of these leading minds; gaining a deep knowledge of how change is created. You'll know more about 'sticky learning', and leading in challenging environments across inter-disciplinary, remote and diverse cultural teams.

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