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Vincent Walsh and Keith Grint

February 7th 2019

The Creative Brain and a New Philosophy of Leadership

At The Caledonian Club in London on Thursday 7th February 2019 please join us for “The Creative Brain and a New Philosophy of Leadership” for what promises to be a full-day immersion into the ideas of two of the country's most respected thinkers in the fields of Brain Research and Leadership.

In this extraordinary day of learning, the morning sessions will feature UCL’s Professor Vincent Walsh, the acclaimed neuroscientist who addresses important questions such as:

  • What is the science behind creativity, and how do we nurture it?
  • What’s the theory behind smarter decision-making, and can we do anything to improve our ability to make decisions?
  • How does pressure affect our decision-making, and shouldn’t we trust our gut instincts?
  • What is the role of sleep in performance and wellbeing?

And in the afternoon Professor Keith Grint from Warwick Business School looks at intractable problems, explains why we find it so hard to fix them and offers a different approach that leads to successful outcomes. His session is titled Wicked Problems and Clumsy Solutions.

Professor Grint suggests we think about problems as the responsibility of Management, Leadership and Command. ‘Tame Problems’ can be solved through the management of standard operating procedures and ‘Critical Problems’ require decisive action on the part of the ‘Commander’. But ‘Wicked Problems’ are either novel or obstinate and require a collaborative approach, facilitated by Leadership. ‘Clumsy Solutions’- is an approach rooted in a different philosophy of leadership, focused on collaboration, collective intelligence, questions not answers, and a recognition that the ‘elegant’ models of change associated with Tame and Critical Problems are often positively counter-productive for addressing Wicked Problems. Given the way we traditionally associate leadership with decisiveness and authoritative action we often take precisely the wrong approach to Wicked Problems that can compound the difficulties rather than resolve them.


The Creative Brain and a New Philosophy of Leadership

featuring Professor Vincent Walsh and Professor Keith Grint

Venue: The Caledonian Club, 9A Halkin Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 7DR (See map and directions here)

Date: Thursday 7th February 2019

  • Registration, coffee and rolls: from 8.15 am
  • Conference commences: 9.15 am
  • Professor Vincent Walsh: 9.25 am
  • Lunch will be served: 12.30 pm
  • Professor Keith Grint: 1.45 pm
  • Conference ends: 4.40 pm

All delegates are invited to a complimentary drinks and networking reception until 6.00 pm.

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