About Benchmark for Business

Delivering world class management information

Benchmark for Business provides individuals, companies and organisations unrivalled access to cutting-edge management thinking, learning & development and corporate events management. Our success is derived from a strategy of presenting revered management authorities - the few but greatest minds that continue to shape and revolutionise the way leaders and organisations transform organisational performance.

Inspirational Thinking

Our conferences have included topics such as leadership, talent management, innovation and business strategy.

We are constantly searching for the latest and most influential management thinkers who can provide real solutions and inspiration to our clients. We work with the very best in management thinkers including: Michael Porter, John Kotter, Patrick Lencioni, Marcus Buckingham, Daniel Goleman, Gary Hamel, Dan Heath, Malcolm Gladwell, Clayton Christensen, Benjamin Zander, Kjell Nordstrom, Dave Ulrich, Lynda Gratton and Tom Peters.

World Class

Our focus on providing unprecedented delegate experiences leaves our audiences in no doubt that these are high-value ‘business-class’ conferences. Our attention to detail ensures that every aspect of our conferences - from the quality and content of the promotional materials, to the management and delivery of the conferences themselves, provides the ultimate delegate experience.


In ten years more than 30,000 leaders and senior executives have attended our corporate gatherings. During 2018/2019 the results from completed client surveys indicated that over 95 per cent of delegates rated their overall impression of Benchmark's conferences in the "Very Good" or "Excellent" categories.  We have developed valuable relationships of trust with our clients providing them with unprecedented ‘live’ learning experiences.